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Campfiber Yarns

Notions Case - Notion Cases

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Perfect for holding all your notions in one easy, convenient carrying case!

Includes 4 removable dividers for easy customization on one side, a variety of sized areas on the other. 

Covers are slightly spring loaded, so are easy to open.

Dimensions are 6 1/2"x 3 1/2" x 2" (17cm x 9cm x 4cm) 

**Notions pictured not included**

Notions Pictured: 

Regular Stitch Stoppers 

Mini Stitch Stoppers

Mini Foldable Scissors 

Crochet Hook (the smallest one can be removed from the others to fit) 

Lightbulb stitch markers 

Mini Hexagon Stitch Markers

Regular Hexagon Stitch Markers 

Teardrop Stitch Markers