A term we hear all over the place as knitters. Here I want to let you know what Superwash really is.


Properties of Wool

Wool is a magical fiber. Not only is it a gold standard for many knitters, it has many surprising qualities.

  • Fire Resistant

  • Keeps you cool, and also keeps you warm

  • Extremely durable

  • Naturally Anti-microbial

  • Felting

    • This is where Superwash comes into play


What is “Felting”?

If you look at wool on a microscopic level, its surface contains scales. These scales are what contribute to felting fabrics. When exposed to heat, detergent and agitation, these scales lock together and creates a smaller, more dense fabric.

Once felting occurs, wool might be able to be stretched to help regain original size, but the stitches will not look the same.


What is “Superwash”?

Superwash is a patented process which treats the fibers and coats them in a resin to greatly reduce the possibility of felting.

While not foolproof, this allows for you to be more care-free when washing garments. I still recommend hand washing to keep knits looking their best for as long as possible, but you can have more peace of mind about garment care.


This process results in a few different properties in the wool

  • Wool can be washed with higher heat, detergent and agitation without felting

    • This allows for more convenient washing procedures.

    • In the dyeing process, colors are typically more vibrant

    • Wool is not able to be used for felting projects

If you are looking for a modern, convenient wool which still retains all the amazing properties of this natural fiber, Superwash might be your gal.