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  • Soap So Co

    Bring the beach to your home with this wonderful scent

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  • Soap So Co

    Summer raspberries at the ready

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  • Soap So Co

    A fruity drink and a good sunset

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  • Learn about the bases

    Not sure which yarn to choose? Check out the Base Info page to give you some details on the yarn, a description of the feel, and to browse available weights.

    You can find weights from Lace through to Bulky available In Stock, and Dyed to Order.

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    Shopping should come with less stress and pressure! Avoid snap updates, stressful releases and cart jacking.
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  • Sweater Quantity and Dyed to Order

    Looking for something specific, or for all of your skeins to be from the same batch? Check out the Sweater Quantity and Dyed to Order (SQDTO). Find Lace - Bulky yarns available, in a whole host of colors!

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