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Campfiber Yarns

One of a Kind - Trial Base BFL 2-ply - Bulky Weight

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What is a Dye Sink Skein:

In an effort to better the environment I am always looking for small ways to conserve water, reduce waste, and minimize my footprint. During the dye process, there is a lot of dye that gets left on the tools or in my measuring cups. I save this dye, combine colors together and create a beautiful unique colorway. 

Please note, as these colorways are not measured or recorded I am unable to recreate this exact colorway again. Your skein is special and unique. 

What is the difference between One of a Kind and Dye Sink Leftovers:

One of a Kind: a trial colorway that is intentionally created, but not brought into the regular lineup. 
Dye Sink Leftovers: a unique skein and colorway that is created with leftover dyes and is not reproducible. 

One of a Kind Trial Base BFL wool offers a thick, 2-ply yarn that is exceptionally warm, with a slightly rustic feel. Its natural, wool fiber will keep you cozy in any weather. Perfect for cold-weather projects, this bulky-weight yarn is sure to make a statement.

Trial 2-ply : Bulky

  • Bulky weight

  • 100% BFL

  • 2-ply

  • 161m - 100g [176 yards - 3.5 oz]

If you see something you love, but it isn't in the quantity or the base you are looking for, come check out my Sweater Quantity + Dyed to Order (SQ+DTO).  There you can find a variety of colorways available on different bases, all available to order in just what you need.