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Campfiber Yarns

Dye Sink Skein - Merino Squish - Bulky Weight

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What is a Dye Sink Skein:

To better the environment, I am always looking for small ways to conserve water, reduce waste, and minimize my footprint. During the dyeing process, a lot of dye gets left on the tools or in my measuring cups. I save this dye, combine colours and create a beautiful, unique colorway. 

Please note, as these colorways are not measured or recorded, I am unable to recreate this exact colorway again. Your skein is special and unique. 

What is the difference between One of a Kind and Dye Sink Leftovers:

One of a Kind: a trial colorway that is intentionally created but not brought into the regular lineup. 
Dye Sink Leftovers: a unique skein and colorway created with leftover dyes and not reproducible. 

Merino Squish Bulky

  • Worsted weight

  • 100% Superwash merino

  • 3-ply

  • 137 meters - 100g [150  yards - 3.5 oz]

After dyeing, the yarn is thoroughly rinsed and soaked the yarn in a lanolin-based wool wash. Slight bleeding may still occur.

Recommended Care: No two skeins are identical. If you need more than one skein for your project, alternate rows to ensure a good colour match. It is recommended to soak your finished object in cool water with a wool wash of your choosing and block/lay flat to dry to improve longevity. 

If you see something you love, but it isn't in the quantity or the base you are looking for, come check out my Sweater Quantity + Dyed to Order (SQ+DTO). There, you can find a variety of colorways available on different bases, all available to order in just what you need, with no minimum order.