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Regular Size Stitch Stoppers: Needle Protectors

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Small Size

Regular Size Stitch Stoppers

These cute little guys can be added to the tips of your needles to prevent them from poking through your knitting bag, or to keep your stitches from falling off the needles. 

This listing is for the Regular Sized Stitch Stoppers. To see the different sizes, click below 

Mini Size 

Large Size 


Sizes Details: 

All inner hole diameters are the same, so fit all needles the same. Size refers to how large the stitch stopper is around. 

First photo shows the Regular sized stitch stoppers on US 3 needles. Second photo shows the size difference between mini, regular and large. 




For needle sizes US 0-2, place both needle tips into one stitch stopper. For 3-16, you need one stitch stopper per needle. 

I use the mini ones for sock needles as they aren't as bulky and heavy. I use the larger ones for larger needles.