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The Tea Girl

Princess Peach Loose Leaf Tea

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Lora's favourite summer drink, and amazing hot or cold! 

Grab yourself a glass and follow the recipe for an amazing cold brew: 

2 tsp tea for every 1 cup water

Mix tea and cold water togeter
Place in fridge overnight or for 24h
Strain, add ice and enjoy! 

From The Tea Girl: 

Blenders Notes: The peach flavouring brings out the natural peach undertones of the Pai Mu Tan, and the raspberry gives a nice sweet berry finish.  The flavouring feels subtle  and smooth, and allows the natural tea flavour to carry the infusion. This tea makes a great light iced tea for hot summer days, or a good base for a white wine sangria!


Ingredients: white tea, sunflowers, cornflowers, peach pieces, raspberry pieces,  flavour