In Stock - MINI SKEIN SET - Winnie the Pooh Club

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Welcome to our Winnie the Pooh Club! This is one of those childhood throwbacks, full of positivity, love and a good helping of friendship.
Mini Skein Sets are available on my Vibrant 80/20 base (71m, 20g) 

How the club works: 
  • Pre-Orders are "choose your own base"
  • You can purchase the full 100g skein set of the club here  (5 skeins - total of 500g)
  • You can purchase an individual character (linked below) 

All pre-order clubs will ship together at the beginning of October. Yarn Colors will be released after that for individual purchase on pre-determined bases. 


Please note there are no cancellations or substitutions allowed in this club. Thank you for understanding! 

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