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The Tea Girl

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Loose Leaf Tea

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From The Tea Girl: 

Rich chocolaty aroma with strawberry notes flavoured on a dark earthy Pu-erh tea with cocoa and strawberry pieces. The aroma of strawberry is forward on the nose, while the lingering flavour is of rich chocolate aromas.

Blenders Notes: We used to have a chocolate dipped strawberry tea on a black tea several years back. It smelt great, but the steeping flavour did not follow through. I wanted to create a better version of that tea that could be drunk without always needing the support of milk and sugar. The dark earthly notes of Pu-erh gives this tea the depth and bitterness needed to support the chocolate flavour. Chocolate also is a natural flavour pairing to most berries, so the combination is complimentary.

ingredients: pu-erh tea, black tea, cocoa bits, strawberries, flavour. (no dairy)