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Campfiber Yarns

Campfire Cowl - Pacific Knit Co. Kit

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Collab with Pacific Knit Co! 

Jamie and I have paired up to bring you a match made in heaven! Jamie is known for her colorwork cowls, and we have brought you one that couldn't be more perfect for Campfiber Yarns.

Kits included are made from Classic Merino DK, and can be purchased in either the yardage for the Single Sided version, or the Infinity Double wrapped version. 

To create the Single Sided version, you will need: 
- 1 skein Main Color
- 1 skein Contrast Color. 

To create the Infinity Version, you will need: 
- 2 skeins Main Color
- 1 skein Contrast Color 

Ravelry Links: 
Single Sided Version 
Infinity Version 


Kit 1: Apollo + Just a Black 
Kit 2: Tiramisu + Raspberry Syrup
Kit 3: Cottage in the Woods + Baltic Amber 
Kit 4: Americano + Tinder

Infinity Sizes: 

Kit 1: Just a Black (2) + Apollo (1)
Kit 2: Tiramisu (2) + Raspberry Syrup (1)
Kit 3: Cottage in the Woods (2)+ Baltic Amber (1)
Kit 4: Americano (2) + Tinder (1)